Grandview Crystal Screen Co. Ltd. is one of the most innovative and influential projection screen manufacturers, offering a complete line of internationally recognized projection screens. In 1999, Grandview originated and was established in Canada. Today, Grandview's research and development and manufacturing factory is located in the Panyu District of Guangzhou City in China.

logo_small_blk2Projection screens are used in applications in over 80 countries worldwide. Internationally recognized, Grandview can be found in markets such as China, Canada, Australia, Japan, South Korea, South Africa, United States, United Kingdom, France, Norway, Sweden and many more. With a dedication to quality, consistency and social responsibility, Grandview is a benchmark for competitive, top value projection screens that keeps it a top ranked company domestically and internationally. Grandview is the official supplier of the China Government and the standard for numerous projection screens. Throughout the years, Grandview has gained numerous titles and certificates which showcase the consistent and ever growing nature of the company.

With product research and innovation, Grandview is always a leader in the industry by developing numerous new projection screen models and innovating on traditional projection screens to satisfy customized needs for different users. Innovative products by Grandview such as the Skyshow screen, Motorized Floor-Up screen, Portable X-Press screen, Multi-Format Fixed-Frame, and U-Work screen have all been developed to satisfied to the needs based on customer feedback and voids in the industry.

Grandview has acquired more than 40 titles of intellectual property patents both domestically and internationally.

2010 To a New Level

* Established new factory for producing film screen.
* Grandview DS Series Film Screen with High Gain available in market.
* Imported advanced puncher which can be used for 3M width Acoustic transparent Fixed-Frame Screen.
* Imported advanced printing machine which can be used for 3M width Fabric, designed and produced optical screen by ourselves.
* Designed and manufactured projector accessories, such as projector mount, flat screen mount, and mobile mount.

Grandview Notebook


Grandview has gained much experience from abroad with international renowned companies. For example, teaming with the tubular motor company Somfy for motorized screens ensured a comprehensive quality control. Grandview's focus on establishing its domestic sales channels in the market have helped breakthrough what was previously a monopoly by foreign screen companies.


In consolidating the domestic market, Grandview set its sights on the international market and achieved CE and UL certifications which are required for export to other countries.


Introduction of ISO comprehensive quality management system.


With the first InfoComm Grandview exhibited in Shanghai, the products were well received by both domestic and foreign customers. Shortly after, products were exported to various countries including Japan, Thailand, Singapore, France, Hong Kong and Taiwan. After obtaining ISO2000 quality management system certification, the quality level of Grandview was raised into higher levels and achieved two patents.


After a rapid expansion into the market, production demands have been ever increasing. The new state of the art manufacturing plant has increased to over 10,000 square meters and the number of employees increased to 300. The new facility allows for higher levels of production as well as innovation, and with that another 5 patents were certified.


During the International InfoComm in Las Vegas, Grandview's exhibition and products were again well received by all customers. Grandview started to the process of researching and developing personalized products independently. Such products include the Cyber series, Tripod screens, and HD Large-Flat series which in all achieved 13 additional patents. Specifically, Grandview's manual screen with the Speed-reduction and Self-lock system has been patented in the United Kingdom, Germany and Japan.


In 2006, Grandview was firstly attained RoHS Environment Standards. In order to build a more strong brand, we took an active part in industry Exhibition. Furthermore, we strengthened our development for new products. Two products are world first: Pressured Safety Tripod Screen and Motorized Floor-up screen.


Grandview was awarded to a first business enterprise with import and export of intellectual property rights in Guangdong. A number of new domestic Shangri-La hotels began to use Grandview screens. Grandview was selected as the projection screen supplier for the central unit of the Government Procurement Agreement. 25 technology patents were achieved with 10 new products and overall the process was streamlined and became increasingly more efficient. Emissions and waste water discharge lines were implemented to achieve environmental standard.


Grandview received the award, "Film to the Countryside" which was the project of the State Administration of Radio. This moved Grandview into the field of movie screens and created two of the world's newest designs: Skyshow Double Motorized screen, and Grand Cinema Motorized screen. In addition, 400'' Recessed-ceiling Large Stage screen, U-work screen, Curved Permanent Fixed-Frame, Cyber X-Press/Y-Press/Z-Press Portable screen, and Power Synchro Relay were introduced. Grandview has expanded with an additional workshop with 13 metres of ceiling height for manufacturing screens up to 600'' Large-Stage Motorized Screen.

Having just past the tenth anniversary mark, Grandview now covers more than eighty countries and regions worldwide. Grandview screens are used worldwide in education, government, IT, film, businesses and homes. More specifically, Grandview products are also used in the Ministry of Commerce of the Foreign Aid Projects and the National Games, World Expo, and other focal projects all over the world. With ties to 37 domestic and foreign patents, Grandview has become the industry standard for projection screens.

In the year 1999, the manufacturing facility was setup in Guangzhou and the trademark registered in China. When it was first established, the plant was 2,400 square feet, had 50 employees and featured only 4 products.


logo_small_blk2Trading Company originated as a Canadian projection equipment trading and sales company. After accumulating many years of industry experience coupled with the dedication to designing competitive projection screens, the transition to manufacture projection screens began and the trademarklogo_small_blk3was registered.


To cope with the increasing production demand and eliminate the logistic obstacles, Grandview has moved to a new self-owned manufacturing plant. Two previous factories are now combined into one big place. With an area of 50,000 square metres, Grandview's new factory is equipped with state-of-the-art machineries and staffed by well experienced and technical employees, aimed to offer top-notch quality to every detail of production.