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The Crystal Series screens showcase a traditional octagon color coated metal casing. Classic in design, this screen’s slim and simple appearance fits perfectly for using in small to mid size applications. Easy Installation Brackets, Wall Mount, Ceiling Mount and Suspended are available.

Grandview’s Manual Screen Speed Reducing (SR) and Self-Lock (SL) Safety Components achieve the patents of China, America, Germany, Japan and England.

ele_left_23 Product Features
Manual Screen Speed Reducing and Self-Lock Safety Component

Safety with Speed Reduction

Grandview’s SR and SL mechanism is innovative and detailed in design which maintain an average rolling speed. The screen retracts slowly and smoothly, and for safety purposes, it is set to longer than 8 seconds.

● Self-Lock Limitless Positioning

The Self-Lock Limitless Positioning function is composed of two flywheel locking mechanisms. The user simply needs to hold the screen at any desired position for 3 seconds and screen will lock on its own.

● Wrinkle Free Screen

Because the screen can be positioned at any desired point with virtually no limitation, when the screen is retracted into the casing, there are no springs or pressure point. This prevents the screen having any unneeded stress points which cause wrinkles. With this feature, all Grandview screens are wrinkle free.

ele_left_6 Multi-Installation

● Installation (Wall Mount, Ceiling Mount)

Wall Mount and Ceiling Mount are available for installation. Tightening screens ensure the screen remains locked and secured.

● Ornament Board is optional (Hidden, Ceiling)

Grandview’s Ornament Board is especially designed for hidden installation, it is optional for actual situation and can be also used in Grilled-Ceiling screen.

Format Specification(inch) Viewing Area WxH (mm) L(mm) B1(mm) B2 (mm) B3(mm)
4:3 72 1460×1100 1595 25 80 80
84 1710×1280 1875 40 80 80
100 2030×1520 2216 50 60 80

16.9 77 1710×965 1875 40 30 700
80 1770×966 1911 23 30 650
92 2030×1145 2216 50 60 500
100 2214×1245 2400 50 45 500

1:1 60 1520×1520 1665 28 30 80
70 1780×1780 1911 23 30 80
84 2030×2030 2216 50 45 80

Sizes and specifications are subject to change at anytime. [The tolerance for L is about±5mm(3/16in)]

Product Specifications