Fabric Collection


In order to construct a quality, long lasting screen, the materials used must be second to none. To maximize fabric tautness, the selection of underlying materials is very important in that it must be able to withstand different temperature and humidity levels due to varying installation environments. In addition, it has to withstand stretching and have anti-oxidation properties so a non-stretchable fiberglass material is the ideal choice. Grandview's matte white fabric is comprised of 4 layers and features a top grade fiberglass as its main support layer. It has a high resistance to temperature, fire, moisture, deformation and stretching with a maximum stretch rate of less than 1%. The structure is covered with two white and black PVC layers that are anti-static and also odor free. The outer surface has technologically infused PVC microdots that help produce and reflect the best possible images. The overall material is also mildew resistant and free from curving. The wide diffusion design ensures uniformity as showcased by its 160 degree viewing angle. The fabric is certified by the world renowned Image Science Foundation for its superb performance.


Large Stage Matte White Fabric

The Large Stage matte white fabric features a 4 layered structure with a professionally coated surface. The middle structure is comprised of a top grade fiberglass serving as the support layer. With the same width distance between the horizontal and vertical lines, the fabric thickness is 0.7mm and free of curving and is non-stretchable. The maximum fabric width is 5.1 meters equating to a seamless 400" diagonal screen in 16:9 format.

Matte Grey Fiberglass Fabric

Featuring fiberglass as the support layer, the main difference with this fabric is that it's coated with a special matte grey material which can effectively enhance black levels while minimizing loss in color reproduction. It produces pictures with higher contrast levels, color richness as well as richer depth of view with as little sacrifice as possible. The viewing angle is 160°with a gain of 0.8 and is also anti-mold, waterproof and anti-oxidation. Available for all manual and motorized screens.


The PS Flexible Fabric features a specially designed PVC material unlike normal screen designs. The surface is coated with 1 micron diamond optical microgrooves capable of reproducing pure 4K resolution. The white bottom layer features a color temperature of 6000K. The colour difference between the reflected light and incident light is less than 60K. The design reflects the original image from the projector with the utmost amount of detail and accuracy.


PS Flexible Front Projection Grey Fabric

Compared with the PS Flexible Front fabric, the main difference of this fabric is that it is coated with a smooth grey vinyl finish. The gain is lowered, and grey surface technology effectively enhance black levels while minimizing loss in color reproduction. It produces pictures with higher contrast levels, color richness as well as richer depth of view with as little sacrifice as possible.

PS Flexible Rear Projection Fabric

This rear projection fabric features a light transparent material for use with rear projector setups. The material is comprised of a translucent and deep grey vinyl and boasts a very high level of contrast as well as a low reflection of ambient light. With its highly transparent characteristics, it perfectly emulates an outstanding picture quality while still maintaining optical colour details. This fabric is available for Fixed-Frame, Tab-Tension and Super Mobile screen models.


Acoustic Transparent Angular Woven Fabric

Featuring a state of the art angular woven design, the vertical and horizontal lines are constructed together in such a way that it achieves 92000 micro holes per square feet. The difference of sound attenuation between 8kHz&12.5kHz and 500Hz is less than 1dB and 1.5dB resulting in outstanding sound transparency. The unique woven structure is designed to be 4K compatible and the fabric is compliant with all ROHS and REACH standards. Furthermore, the screen is also anti-UV, washable, mildew resistant, fire retardant and works in environments from -20 to 60c.

Acoustic Transparent Micro Perforated Fabric

The entire surface features tiny perforations measuring approximately 0.4mm. This design greatly enhances the performance of the fabric surface in providing excellent image reproductions with 4K resolution and greatly reduces light attenuation. The micro perforation design helps prevent the moiré effect while maintaining outstanding sound penetration with a mid-range attenuation of less than -2dB. It is the ideal pairing for high fidelity and audiophile quality sound setups.



The DY3 Ambient Light Rejection screen is made of a new microstructure design. The surface features technology that eliminates ambient light. This screen is specifically designed to be used with short-throw projectors. It boasts a high level of contrast and the best possible viewing characteristics under a strong ambient light environment.


Based on the PS Flexible Front white fabric, a special optical metallic layer is coated on the entire surface to absorb ambient light while increasing contrast and maintaining detail levels. It is compatible with both 2D and 3D projectors and is also fire retardant and mildew and moisture resistant.


The Remarkable screen is erasable, has a wide viewing angle and is comprised of a support structure made of PET material covered with a protective and projectable layer. The projection layer is coated with a reflective rate of no less than 80%. The protective layer is coated on top which consists of diffusion microgrooves helping eliminate hotspots. It is also anti-scratch and dirt proof. The surface area is extremely flat which allows for a easily writable and erasable working area.