Fantasy Series – Manual Screen


Fabric Features
● Last-long Flatness

With four layer structure including Fiberglass, Stretchness less than 1% which ensures the last-long flatness.

●Color Accuracy

The reflection light are evenly distributed with less than 60K difference between incident angle and reflection angle.

●Sophisticated Images

Engraved with optical microgroove on the surface, with resolution more than 125 line pairs per mm, which ensures the sharpness of the projected images.

●Wide Color Range

With high contrast processment, while maintaing the color accuracy and color range is widely presented to provided a more vivid image.


Fantasy Manual Screen
with Speed Reduction

●Limitless Positioning

With Limitless Positioning Structure, the screen can be stopped by holding the handle for 3 seconds at any position.

●Slow Retraction

With Slow Retraction System to allow the screen retracting back slowly within 8 seconds, which can prevent the safety issue cause by lower bar hitting casing.

●Wrinkle Free

When the screen is fully retracted the positioning system is lock off and the fabric is not stretched by the spring system, which can prevent the wrinkle cause by long time stretchness from the spring system.

Pull Down the ScreenspaceHold for 3 seconds Lock

Evenly retract in 8 seconds

Last long flatness

Universal Bracket

Suitable for either wall mount, ceiling mount or ceiling hang. The bracket can slide horizontally at the back of the casing to match different installation positions.

Standard Accessories
Motorized Screen

Wall Mount

Ceiling Mount

Ceiling Hang

Floating Bracket
Fasten Screw
Manual Screen FA-Pxxx
Format Specification
Viewing Area
A B3 Casing Size
Net Weight
4:3 84 1710×1280 1528 80 1864×93×79 8.5
100 2030×1520 1793 80 2204×97×79 10.0
120 2338×1755 2008 80 2508×93×79 13.0
150 2817×2110 2368 80 2992×96×91 17.6

16:9 92 2030×1145 1838 500 2204×93×79 10.0
100 2214×1245 1913 500 2388×93×79 11.0
106 2340×1320 1993 500 2508×93×79 11.8
120 2656×1494 2072 400 2831×96×91 15.8
1. Unremarked measurements are default to be MM.
2. Side borders of B1 are both 50mm.
3. For recess-ceiling installation design, the length / width / height of the groove need to be added by 100mm / 60mm / 60mm respectively.
4. Above parameters could be changed due to product improvement.

End Cap View