Fixed Frame Series – Adjustable Fixed-Frame

Adjustable Fixed-Frame Series

One Button Manual Control System with no electrical Components needed!
It is simple to use, consumer friendly and provides a professional look and appeal. By simply pulling the masks, the screen format can be converted between 2:35:1, 16:9 or 4:3 freely.

fixedframe_update1 ● Inbuilt Innovative Movable Masking System
(For the Vertical Masking Screen only)

To retract both sides evenly when any one side is pulled.

● Inbuilt Braking System

This key features ensures that the screen retracts slowly and steadily.

● Easy Operation

The grips on the masking system are designed to be suitable and easy to use.

● Easy Installation

By selecting the Aluminum alloy wrapped in velvet, the screen is light and beautiful. Plus it has an Universal Mounting system to ensure an easy installation.

pic4 Horizontal Adjustable Fixed-Frame Screen

As the home theatre experience and choice continue to expand, users now have the option of 2.35: 1 formats promoting multi-format screens to be designed. Grandview's Horizontal Adjustable Fixed-Frame Screen is available in the 2.35:1 format. With an innovative movable masking system, it allow viewers to adjust the viewable area to 4:3 and 16:9.

pic5 Vertical Adjustable Fixed-Frame Screen

While the majority of home theatre projectors utilize a native 16:9 format, there are a growing number of projectors that have the capability to display 2.35:1. Grandview's Vertical Adjustable Fixed-Frame Screen is available in the 16:9 format and can be easily and professionally adjusted to a 2.35:1 with Grandview Unique Masking System.

Optional Fabric



Adjustable Fixed-Frame Series
Format Model Specification
Area (W x H)
Casing Size
(L x H x W)
Packing Size
(L x H x W)
 Horizontal Adjustable Fixed-Frame Screen
2.35:1 LF-HMF-92 92 2150×915 2450×1125×60 2470×308×152
LF-HMF-100 100 2337×995 2637×1205×60 2630×308×152
LF-HMF-106 106 2477×1054 2777×1264×60 2767×308×152
LF-HMF-110 110 2571×1094 2870×1304×60 2860×308×152
LF-HMF-120 120 2805×1193 3164×1404×60 3094×308×152
LF-HMF-125 125 2921×1243 3221×1453×60 3206×308×152
LF-HMF-130 130 3038×1293 3338×1503×60 3307×308×152
LF-HMF-132 132 3085×1313 3385×1523×60 3346×308×152
Vertical Adjustable Fixed-Frame Screen 
16:9 LF-VMF-77W 77 1705×958 1915×1250×60 2095×370×240
LF-VMF-80W 80 1771×996 1981×1296×60 2161×370×240
LF-VMF-92W 92 2037×1145 2247×1445×60 2427×370×240
LF-VMF-100W 100 2214×1245 2424×1545×60 2604×370×240
LF-VMF-106W 106 2346×1320 2556×1620×60 2736×370×240
LF-VMF-120W 120 2656×1494 2866×1794×60 3046×370×240

1. Unremarked measurements are default to be MM.
2. The ratio of length and height is 27:1, customized is acceptable.
3. Above parameters could be changed due to product improvement.

2-D View