4K Tab-Tension Series

With an unique knob/auto tension adjustment system, the screen surface is well tensioned at every point to ensure a picture experience. The tool-free system ensures that wrinkles and "V" waves are eliminated. This screen features the 4K PS HD flexible WB5 fabric(ISF Certified) which features an unique layer of special diamond patterns on the surface specifically designed to bring out the best from the projector and enhance picture quality and color. With its ability to maximize and reflect high resolution images, this fabrics brings out the best in high definition feeds.


Tab-Tension Motorized Screen

● Combined with the 4K Ultra High Definition PS Series Flexible Fabric, viewers will enjoy an amazing theatre like experiencing.
● The Tension System which ensures the screen is always flat.
● With the standard easy to use mounting bracket, it is simple to install in various installation environments.

Control Options

In-Line Switch

In-Line Switch is the standard control option for motorized screen. No installation is required and the controls are simple to use.

s3ca IR Remote Control (Optional)

The fabric adjustment and micro control can be achieved by controller, the remote distance is 8 meters.


Tab-Tension Series
Elegant Tab-Tension Motorized Screen (LF-Mxxx)
Format Specification
Viewing Area
(W x H)
A B3 Casing Size
 Net Weight
4:3 100 2032×1524 2183 400 2587×152×120 20.5 115w
120 2438×1829 2488 400 2993×152×120 24.6 115w
150 3048×2286 2969 400 3585×180×140 31.0 115w
16:9 80 1770×995 1654 400 2325×152×120 17.4 115w
92 2037×1143 1802 400 2587×152×120 22.1 115w
100 2214×1245 1904 400 2769×152×120 20.5 115w
106 2346×1320 1979 400 2901×152×120 21.5 115w
120 2656×1494 2153 400 3211×152×120 24.3 115w
150 3220×1867 2550 400 3857×180×140 45.1 250w


1. Unremarked measurements are default to be MM.
2. Recessed-Ceiling series, under 120"size with double ornament border. 120" or above the size with single ornament border.
3. For Tab-Tension series, if recessed installation is necessary, ensure the oblong groove's length, height, depth is separately 100mm, 60mm, 60mm more than the good's size.
4. Above parameters could be changed due to product improvement.

2-D View                                                                 End Cap View

Elegant Tab-Tension Motorized Screen