Large Stage Project Series – Fantasy Motorized Screen



Majestic Visual Experience

Grandview large stage motorized screen is wisely applied to venues such as the theatre halls, large performances, auditoriums, and etc. For the traditional large screens that are with fixed tension structure, they are strict in requirement of raw materials and workmanship cause the viewing area is usually very huge, and the surface tension is always insurmountability which make the screen surface cannot remain flat.

Revolutionary Design

● Large torsion tubular Motor

The screen will utilize the 80N large torsion tubular motor which is noiseless and convenient to fix and adjust.

● Extra large diameter and high-intensity aluminum alloy roller

Extra large diameter diameter and high-intensity aluminum alloy shaft that level camber is less than 0.05%, it can remain fixed and straight within 10 meters span and the distortion caused by the suspended installation of the large shaft can be effectively relieved.

● Compound multi-layers diffuse reflection fabric

Compound multi-layers diffuse reflection fabric can ensure seamless up to 5m height. The fabric height that is beyond 5m, after treating with the high-intensity frequency joint technology, there will be no visual seam when projecting motive image.

● Extremely fast and convenient to change the motor

Simply open the main cover, remove the existing motor and insert the replacement. This design allows the screen to easily modified and have an extended product life cycle.

● Screen flat adjustment system

The fabric V-shaped wrinkles can be effectively eliminated by adjusting the fabric rod.

Large-Stage Fantasy Motorized Screen


● Utilize light and high-intensity aluminum alloy casing.
● With utilizing a high-strength alloy aluminum roller (148mm diameter).

Lightweight and high-intensity aluminum alloy structure

●Suspended Mount ●Recess-ceiling Mount
lrage_sbox5 lrage_sbox4
Control Options
● Standard control provides stable and suitable installations.
lrage_col5c ● Options
The fabric adjustment and micro control can be achieved by controller. The remote distance is more than 25 meters.
lrage_col5b ● Fabric Types

Large-Stage Fantasy Motorized Screen
Format Model Specification
End Cap Viewing Area
A B3 Casing Size
Net Weight
4:3 LS-MA250 250 MA 5080×3810 4727 600 5470×234×219 125/160 270W 5000
LS-MA300 300 MA 6000×4500 5414 600 6390×234×219 155/195 270W 6000
LS-MB350 350 MB 7112×5334 6347 600 7537×332×279 265/310 270W 7447
LS-MB400 400 MB 8128×6096 7109 600 8147×332×279 300/360 350W 8463

16:9 LS-MA250W 250 MA 5535×3112 4027 600 5925×234×219 137/170 270W 5500
LS-MA300W 300 MA 6641×3736 4650 600 7031×234×219 170/220 270W 6500
LS-MA350W 350 MB 7748×4358 5371 600 8173×332×279 280/335 350W 8083

1. Unremarked measurements are default to be MM.
2. Large-Stage Screens' casing needs 200mm top installation distance, 300mm left repair space for motor replacement.
3. Above parameters could be changed due to product improvement.

2-D View

Large-Stage Fantasy Motorized Screen