Portable Series – Motorized Floor-Up


Motorized Floor-Up Series

Grandview Portable screen series is the best solution for temporary or mobile display place such as small meeting room, exhibition place, shopping mall or hotel which include Motorized Floor-Up screen, Portable Pull-Up screen, Portable Self-Stand Screen and U-Work screen.


Motorized Floor-Up Series

The world's first Portable Motorized Floor-Up screen

Installation free and movable, to easily realize automated Portable projection screen, can satisfy mobile display or installation free circumstance.

● Anti-Clamping Mechanism

Appearance aside, this screen also offers the safety and usability features expected from a Grandview Screen. For example, an integrated anti-clamping mechanism prevents injury or damage to the screen when an object interferes with the screen during its operation.

● Inbuilt Tool Box

A built-in tool box contains all the necessary accessories such as a remote control, power cord, and infrared extension receiver.

● Motor System

The low noise durable motor allows the dual diamond-shaped structure to rise. The design of the dual diamond-shaped supports working in perfect sync with the motor's power distribution created a balanced and sturdy support for the screen. With this synced system, it helps prevent any folding creasing or twisting of the screen when use.


Control Options

● Infrared Remoted Control

The fabric adjustment and micro control can be achieved by controller, the remote distance is 8 meters.

● External Infrared Sensor

Infrared receiver increases the remote range of motorized screens.

● Manual Cycle-Switch

Motorized Floor-Up Series (CB-UMxxx)
Format Specification
Viewing Area
A B2 Casing size
Net Weight
4:3 70 1422×1067 1770 550 1611×252×103 16.5 115W
80 1625×1220 1970 700 1814×252×103 19.3 115W
100 2030×1524 2275 700 2219×252×103 24.2 115W

16:9 70 1550×871 1721 800 1739×252×103 18.8 115W
80 1771×996 1946 800 1960×252×103 21.4 115W
92 2030×1145 1995 700 2219×252×103 23.9 115W
2-D View

Motorized Floor-Up Series