Portable Series – U-Work


U-Work Series

Grandview Portable screen series is the best solution for temporary or mobile display place such as small meeting room, exhibition place, shopping mall or hotel which include Motorized Floor-Up screen, Portable Pull-Up screen, Portable Self-Stand Screen and U-Work screen.

U-Work Series
The perfect solution for table-top projector display.

As the portable LED projector and mobile phones with projection capabilities are gaining popularity, the U-Work screen offers an excellent viewing experience compared to the traditional laptop and brings customers a better viewing experience for portable business. The latest design of the U-Work screen with the self-stand base foot allows the screen to be stopped at any desired position.

● Extreme portability - the 40''U-Work screen only weighs 1.3KG.
● One button locking mechanism allows the screen to be unlocked automatically when turning out the base foot.
● Using the self-standing arm, the screen can be stopped at any desired position.



U-Work Series (PT-Uxxx)
Format Specification
Viewing Area
End Cap L B2 A Net Weight
4:3 25 508×381 B 626 20 414 0.85
32 650×488 B 742 20 566 1.08
40 813×610 B 905 20 688 1.30
50 1016×762 A 1124 20 900 2.80
60 1219×914 A 1327 35 1080 3.20
1. Unremarked measurements are default to be MM.
2. Above parameters could be changed due to product improvement.
2-D View

U-Work Screen Series