Projector Lift Series – Guardian Series


Your projector deserves a Guardian!

● Electric Positioning

With the Electric Positioning, the default limits of the lift can be easily set just through the remote.

●Replaceable Ceiling Decoration

The ceiling decoration board can be easily replaced to match different installations when needed.

Ceiling Decoration
● Fully Sealed Design

Designed with high strength steel structure and covered with aluminum alloy panel, the projector is isolated from ceiling environment.

●Heavy-Duty Belt with Fireproof

Equipped with heavy-duty tubular motor and fireproof belt, the operation of the lift is smooth and easy.

●Integrated Interface

The Integrated Interface includes LAN, VGA, Audio slot as well as HDMI cutout which can satisfied all kinds of installations.

●Cable Management

All sorts of cables are well managed inside the cable belt which ensure the smooth operation of the lift.

Multi-Control System
Standard with RF Remote
Optional with Wall Switch

Connect with the RJ45 slot, the Switch can be installed on Wall to control the lift.
Mounting Bracket

The bracket can be adjust to match different type of projectors.

Range of Installation
(Distance between Screws).
Model Dimension(mm)  Suitable projector size(mm)  Weight Capaclty(kg)
A B C D E F G H1 H2 H3 12
MB1000B 600 550 345 0-930 483 483 200 147 147 400