Projector Lift Series – Refiner Series

The Refined way to hide your projector!

● Super Thin Structure

Designed with high strength steel, we refined the simplest structure. Take model ME1000 with 1 meter range for example, the minimum installation height is just 190mm.

● Heavy-Duty Belt with Fireproof

Equipped with heavy-duty tubular motor and fireproof belt, the operation of the lift is smooth and easy.

● Cable Management

All sorts of cables are well managed inside the cable belt which ensure the smooth operation of the lift.

● Installation Panel

Universal Installation
Equipped with universal panel for different types of projectors.

● Adaptable for various types of projectors

Adjustable Height

By adjusting the height of the screw bar, the suitable height for projector is flexible up to 200m, thicker than this can be achieved with extended screw bars.

● Adjustable Screw Bar

Specified for simplified projects

Targeting the needs for simple structures in different projects, the standard accessories are highly simplified with only power connection interface, it can be upgraded to be in-line switch or remote control based on requests.

● Ceiling Decoration Panel

Replaceable Ceiling Decoration

The ceiling decoration board can be easily replaced to match different installations when needed.

● Optional Accessories

Model Range(mm) H1 H5 H4 Weight Capacity(Kg)  Suitable Projector Size 
ME500 500 135 110 75 25 W300 × D340 × H4
or W460 × D240 × H4
Upside Down Installation
W500 × D500 × H200
ME1000 1000 190 165 130 25
ME2000 2000 300 275 240 20 W300 × D440 × (H4-60)
or W460 × D240 × H4
ME3000 3000 410 385 350 15
ME4000 4000 520 495 460 15

1. H1 means minimum height of the lift when H2 is adjusted to minimum (10mm).
2. When the projector is thicker than 200mm, you can replace the screw bar to get the required H2 dimension.