We are always committed and devoted to our own responsibilities,
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Grandview has always emphasized the importance of taking on responsibilities that come with being a socially responsible company. Details such as utilizing the most low energy equipment and technology, using safe raw materials, and implementing human-based labor protection standards, are never overlooked. With a dedicated approach to customers, staff, our society and the environment, Grandview utilizes the most advanced equipment and processes that ensure every step and component contributes to a final product that meets or exceeds international environmental standards.

100% Every Grandview screen undergoes a stringent evaluation and inspection at every step of the manufacturing process to ensure all final products are of the highest standard of quality.

30% According to research by the National Environmental Protection Standards, the green area of the Grandview factory is an impressive 30%.

10% With an aim of 10% energy consumption reduction in Grandview, our environmental programme can be realized through various effective measures, such as utilizing of natal resources, ventilating & lighting condition improvement, advanced equipment importation, management improvement and energy efficiency projects, etc.

0 non-Pollution.
Our Painting and Print line is based on advanced Dust-free Painting System and Waste water & Exhaust Gas Treatment System by activated carbon process. We make sure all the Grandview waste product is non-pollution.
Safety High and Low Voltage Inspection for Motorized Screens
Anti-Drop device for Large stage screens
RoHS Inspection
Work Protection Automatic Painting Workshop
Always wear a seat belt when working high above the ground
Always wear eye protection when working on the hardware line
Green Environment Dust-free Painting System
Waste water & Exhaust Gas Treatment System
Factory Environment