GPSS 12(Customized Size)


  • GPSS12 electric wire take-up, specially developed for high-speed CNC lifting point and stage hoist, has the function of automatic pay-off and take-up, and the pay-off and pay-off can adapt to the lifting point or other lifting equipment with a speed of less than 25 meters per minute.Installed in ceilings or high-altitude formal installations, it is used for remote power supply of hoisting lighting and audio equipment, DMX signal control, network control, built-in active wiring, high-speed automatic same-frequency retraction and release, CAT6 network cable lossless docking and other devices.
  • Major Function:
  • Wire take-up cable interface: 2 16A sockets (2 groups of 2.5 square power cords are customized by the customer) 2 5-pin DMx512 interfaces. Or a set of CAT6 network cable and a set of DMX512 interface
  • Control method: weak point dry contact, RS485
  • No mechanical upper and lower limit
  • Maximum cable tension: 8KG
  • It can control the pay-off independently, and choose to disconnect from the motor control after connecting the truss to achieve high-speed synchronization.
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  • Specs
    • GPSS 12
      • Max Load(kg)

      • Power(w)

      • Max Travel(mm)
      • Precision(mm)
      • Noice(dB)
      • Voltage(v)
      • Dry Contact(Y/N)

      • 485 Control(Y/N)

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