GSPC Series Motorized Cable Manager

  • GSPC series electric lift device can be combined with GSRT/GCRT series lifting anchors to form a complete ceiling lift system and/or can operate independently.It has the function of active incline and decline,the retractable line and the hanging point operate at 4 meters per minute,featuring a lifting equipment adaptive for automated match in performance.When installed in the ceiling or high altitude it can use a remote power supply and signal control of lights and audio equipments.The patented spinning device allows the spring buffer devive to ensure the pull of the lift from damaging the cable when in operation.Any cable malfunctions due to human error are avoided.
  • . Fixed extension distance of 300mm
  • Power supply voltage and current 220V AC /3 groups 16A output, two groups DMX512 signal output
  • . Control mode: independent manual control and customized RS485 control
  • . Operation mode: motor operates at low speed
  • . Lifting mode: push the button up or down
  • . Interlock the square pipes of the safety protection device after insertion, do not go up or down.
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  • Specs
    • GSPC 电动收线器
      • Product Dimensions(mm)

      • Net Weight(kg)

      • Max Load(kg)

      • Power(w)

      • Max Travel(mm)
      • Precision(mm)
      • Noice(dB)
      • Voltage(v)
      • jib attachment(mm)
      • Ceiling Opening
      • Dry Contact(Y/N)

      • 485 Control(Y/N)

      • Wireless
  • Sketch
  • Video
  • Standard Accessories
    • 6" circle
    • 9p Canon socket
    Control Options
    • Emergency stop device
    • RS485
    • Wall Swtich
    • Wireless administrator component
  • Download
    User manual for GSPC-12.pdf