GSPC Series Motorized Cable Manager

  • The GSPC series electric wire take-up can be matched with the GSRT/GCRT series of lifting points to form a complete ceiling lifting solution or used independently. It has the functions of active wire pay-off and wire take-up. Or other lifting equipment adaptively match.
  • Installed on the ceiling or high altitude, it is used for remote power supply and signal control of hoisting lighting and audio equipment. The patented winding wheel slipping device and spring buffer device ensure that the pulling of the lifting equipment will not damage the cable when starting. , and also avoid the cable breaking due to human error.
  • Major Function:
  • Cable management socket panels includes below:
  • 4 x 16A Socket(3pin black plug& socket 2.5mm request)
  • 1 x DMX512 socket
  • 1 x Cat6 ethernet socket
  • RS485 - Control method: weak point dry contact, RS485
  • Standard with upper and lower limit: prevent overtravel
  • Maximum cable tension: 8KG
  • Standard built-in optocoupler sensor: stroke positioning can be set arbitrarily
  • Optional accessories: wireless power manager key, which can be used for various emergency braking
  • Reel slip device: The unique patented reel slip device ensures that the cable will not be broken by external force
  • Mechanical double limit switch: Mechanical double limit switch to prevent overtravel
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  • Specs
    • GSPC12
      • Product Dimensions(mm)

      • Net Weight(kg)

      • Max Load(kg)

      • Power(w)

      • Max Travel(mm)
      • Precision(mm)
      • Noice(dB)
      • Voltage(v)
      • jib attachment(mm)
      • Ceiling Opening
      • Dry Contact(Y/N)

      • 485 Control(Y/N)

  • Sketch
  • Standard Accessories
    • 6" circle
    • 9p Canon socket
    Control Options
    • Emergency stop device
    • RS485
    • Wall Swtich
    • Wireless administrator component
  • Download
    User manual for GSPC-12.pdf