C6 Pro GCRT10012

Rigging Point

  • It is designed to meet the lighting truss lifting needs of hotel banquet halls, multi-functional conference centers, and performance stages. Adopt frequency conversion technology and constant speed drive, which can realize the synchronous lifting and lowering of multiple groups. It can also be programmed by PC to control the movements of each crane at different speeds to create a changing stage effect. Product design is designed in strict accordance with BGV-D8/D8+/C1 requirements.
  • Major Function:
  • Built-in frequency conversion circuit: variable speed or constant speed to ensure consistent loading and falling of heavy and light loads;
  • Precise helical gears: quieter operation with noise as low as 68 decibels;
  • The clutch is externally placed in the gear transmission system: in line with international safety standards;
  • Low voltage control: use weak point dry contact and RS485 control;
  • Braking system: heavy-duty DC electromagnetic brake, safe and durable; single and double brakes can be freely selected.
  • Encoder: Provide information such as position, angle and number of turns with built-in circuit board control;
  • Fully enclosed sprocket sleeve and upper and lower limit devices: The fully enclosed sprocket sleeve design prevents the chain hoisting sprocket from slipping off, and the upper and lower limit positions of the chain are provided to prevent the chain from exceeding the stroke;
  • Built-in adjustable limit switch: The adjustable limit switch can make the hoist stop at any set position during the process of ascending or descending to prevent overtravel;
  • Electronic stroke positioning: the required upper and lower strokes can be set on the PC or control panel;
  • Overload protection and power failure protection: When the load exceeds 120%, the overload protection will be carried out when the clutch is separated, and the electronic power failure will be locked when the dynamic overload occurs. When the power is turned off unexpectedly, the external DC brake will perform the self-locking protection function;
  • IP54 protectio
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  • Specs
    • C6 Pro GCRT10012
      • Product Dimensions(mm)

      • Net Weight(kg)

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      • Power(w)

      • Max Travel(mm)
      • Precision(mm)
      • Noice(dB)
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      • jib attachment(mm)
        upside down installation
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