Laser Projector Intelligent Telescopic Platform GMPU-T1

  • The laser projector intelligent telescopic platform is used in home broadcasting of film and television programs and entertainment, which will bring you a brand-new and intelligent new feeling in the experience of technology. When you turn on the projector, the platform automatically turns on with the projector.
  • The platform of GMPU series is driven by a motor to drive a rack and double slide rails to move in parallel. Through optocoupler counting, precise positioning can be achieved.
  • Industrial linear guide/slider, stable in long-term operation
  • BMW pearlescent black metal paint surface treatment, elegant texture
  • Synchronous camera switch, built-in low-voltage signal switch port, connected to laser projector
  • Electronic limit, one key can reach the required moving distance
  • Telescopic distance: 0-260mm super long line
  • Self-lubricating parts, maintenance-free
  • Completely silent operation
  • Remote control mode: wireless remote control, DC5-12V trigger
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  • Specs
    • GMPU-T1
      • Product Dimensions(mm)

      • Net Weight(kg)

      • Max Projector Dimensions
        (With Wire And Lens)(mm)
      • Max Load(kg)

      • Power(w)

      • Max Travel(mm)
      • Precision(mm)
      • Voltage(v)
      • Dry Contact(Y/N)

        transformer trigger
      • 485 Control(Y/N)

        DC5-12V trigger
      • Wireless
        Wireless remote control
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    User manual for GMPU-T1.pdf